Symposium: Editors' Introduction: Crisis at the Supreme Court of India?

The blog post by Professor Tarunabh Khaitan, posted today, is the introduction to this Blog Symposium titled ‘Crisis at the Supreme Court of India?’. Contributions from leading scholars include Professor Khaitan’s framing piece, drawing on his current research project concerning democratic decay in India, and four key contributions, as follows (and in order of the date they were written):

  • Gaurav Mukherjee

‘A Moment of Self-Reckoning for the Supreme Court of India? Reflections on the Judges’ Press Conference’

  • Gautam Bhatia

‘Potential for Chaos in India’s Polyvocal Supreme Court’ 

  • Krithika Ashok

‘Yes, Master of Roster’ (concerning the Chief Justice’s administrative powers)

  • Anashri Pillay

‘Appointments, accountability and independence: the Indian Supreme Court at a crossroads’

Additional posts may be added in due course, depending on availability. It may finally be noted that as this symposium has been organised, two separate but highly relevant academic initiatives have been announced:

(i) a Call for Papers for a special edition of the VRÜ Journal, on ‘The Indian Supreme Court in Crisis?’ – see here.
(ii) a Call for Papers for a Symposium on the Origins, Migration and Influence of the Basic Structure Doctrine, at Jindal Global Law School, India (21-22 March 2019) – see here.