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The 5 Values of the IACL Blog


Watch our video editorial launching the new-look Blog (June 2018).


We have set out 5 Values of the Blog — to be user-friendly, provide added value, and to be responsive, inclusive, and truly global. We will pursue these aims in 4 ways:

Providing a Meeting Place: We aim to provide a user-friendly meeting place for constitutionalists around the world to present their research, share their views, and discuss crucial constitutional law topics, as well as overlooked issues and more technical discussions of constitutional law. This includes not only IACL members but also the Blog’s broader global audience. We aim to be responsive to Blog users' feedback and requests regarding content, and we encourage you to submit proposals to We also aim to take an inclusive approach, to reflect the wide diversity of the research community across IACL and beyond. 

Cultivating Conversations: We aim not only to respond to constitutional law developments, but also to frame important debates,  provide much-needed context, make useful links between different developments, and look ahead to what constitutional developments may take place in the future. Alongside isolated blog posts on discrete issues, we plan to develop broader themes that cultivate constitutional conversations on key issues. To achieve this, we will make greater use of Blog Symposia (i.e. collections on selected topics). We will also plan Follow Up Symposia to return to previously discussed themes, and will begin Debate Symposia which will enable authors to air opposing views on selected topics

Ensuring that We Focus on All World Regions: Our goal is to be a truly global blog that serves all areas of the world. To that end, we will feature blog posts that represent all regions of the world, and we will place significant focus on ensuring the inclusion of regions that are under-represented in global constitutional conversations (e.g. Central America, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa). Our Regional Columnists will be integral to this aim.

Enhancing Our Network and Partnerships: Overall, we aim for the blog to provide added value to the existing landscape of constitutional law blogs. We plan to enhance the distinctive perspective of the Blog by drawing on the extensive IACL network, by engaging in selected collaborations with global leaders in the field of constitutional law (e.g. ConstitutionNet), and by initiating new partnerships. We have entered two new partnerships, with the Max Plank Encyclopaedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (MPECCoL) and the VRÜ Journal on Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This will ensure that our Blog users have prompt access to useful information that truly helps them in their work. See the Partners section for more details.