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Video Editorial: Launching the New-Look Blog


Blog Re-launch in Seoul: Tues 19 June

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Thanks to everyone who joined Co-Editors Erika Arban and Tom Gerald Daly for the Blog Re-launch at the World Congress on Tuesday 19 June at the IACL World Congress in Seoul.

New Post: Foreign Judges Worldwide

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Anna Dziedzic examines why some constitutional courts worldwide include foreign judges, and the often unarticulated assumptions about the significance of nationality to the value of constitutional judges.

Special Events at the World Congress


As well as the Blog Re-Launch, special Congress events include an exhibition on the Constitution of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and special talks with authors Bertrand Mathieu, Yaniv Roznai and Susanna Mancini.

Vacancy at the Arab Association


The Arab Association of Constitutional Law is recruiting a new Executive Director (the Association’s principle executive officer). The deadline for applications is 9 July 2018.  

New Blog Symposium on South Korea


In the latest post in our Symposium on 'South Korea at a Crossroads', co-hosted by ConstitutionNet, Patricia Goedde discusses how public interest lawyers helped to implement the 1987 Constitution.

Our Latest Author Interview

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David Bilchitz & David Landau talk to us about The Evolution of the Separation of Powers. Between the Global North and the Global South (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018), which arose from an IACL Meeting.

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“Constitutions—whether they self-consciously set out to transform a society or not—shape the government and the nation. So we need to know how they work in practice to really understand them.”
—Prof. Adrienne Stone, First Vice-President of the IACL

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