Discussion: Brexit and the Commonwealth

In the midst of debates about Brexit, Asanga Welikala and Donal Coffey (12 November 2019) discuss how comparative constitutional perspectives from across the Commonwealth can illuminate developments in the UK.


Editorial: We’re Back from Hiatus with a New Symposium and Bigger Team

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We’re back from hiatus with a new Symposium and a bigger team: Dinesha Samararatne joins Erika Arban and Tom Daly as co-editor. Stephanie Brenker & Julian Murphy join the editorial team led by Toerien van Wyk.

The Next IACL World Congress will be Johannesburg 2022!


Did you know the next World Congress will be in Johannesburg on 5-9 December 2022? We'll keep you updated on news and updates as we receive them. Meanwhile, read more about the 2018 Congress below.

New Post: Brexit and the Commonwealth

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In this post, Asanga Welikala argues that bringing the Commonwealth back into the intellectual agenda of British public law is a compelling need to help resolve the constitutional complexities of Brexit.

DEM-DEC Research Update Editorial: Reflecting on 1989

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The editorial for the latest Global Research Update on the global platform Democratic Decay & Renewal (DEM-DEC), covering 1 August until 30 September 2019, centres on the theme ‘Reflecting on 1989‘.

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In this post, Donal Coffey responds to Asanga Welikala’s piece and considers two elements of comparative Commonwealth constitutionalism in more detail: politics and history.

The Next IACL Roundtable is in Cusco, Peru

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The next IACL-AIDC Roundtable will take place in Cusco, Peru on 24-26 October 2019, on the theme 'The Constitutional Challenges of Migration Processes'. Find the Programme and Call for Papers at the link below.

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