Symposium Season April-July

To celebrate the anniversary of our highly successful re-launch in June 2018, we have 4 Blog Symposia back-to-back from 29 April to the end of July. Read our Editorial here - and tell us what you think!

Our ‘Global Snapshot’ Symposium is Now Running!

The final Symposium in our Symposium Season offers a snapshot of constitutional law developments in various regions of the world: what has happened in the first half of the year and what is coming in the second half.

Go to the Blog Symposia tab to access the other 3 Symposia:

‘Membership and Exclusion’ Symposium (17-28 June)

‘Unwritten Constitutional Principles’ Symposium (27 May-12 June)

and ‘Crisis in Venezuela’ Symposium (29 April-22 May)


A Blockbuster Symposium Season to Celebrate Our Re-Launch Anniversary

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To celebrate our one-year anniversary, and reflecting the Blog’s vibrancy and range of coverage, we are publishing 4 Blog Symposia back-to-back as a 'Symposium Season' from today until the end of July.

The Next IACL World Congress will be Johannesburg 2022!


Did you know the next World Congress will be in Johannesburg on 5-9 December 2022? We'll keep you updated on news and updates as we receive them. Meanwhile, read more about the 2018 Congress below.

Symposium Post: Constitutional Developments in the Pacific


In our latest symposium post, Anna Dziedzic discusses issues of sovereignty and self-determination, including the fundamental constitutional questions they raise, as common themes across the Pacific.

New Author Interview with former judge of the ECtHR Dragoljub Popović


Former judge of the European Court of Human Rights Dragoljub Popović tells us about his new book (to be published in August 2019), Comparative Government in the Early Twenty-First Century.

Conference Report - ‘Cities in Federal Theory’ Workshop


In this post, Erika Arban provides an overview of the workshop ‘Cities in Federal Theory’ which took place in Melbourne on 20-21 June 2019 focusing on the role and place of cities in federal constitutional theory.

The Next IACL Roundtable is in Cusco, Peru

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The next IACL-AIDC Roundtable will take place in Cusco, Peru on 24-26 October 2019, on the theme 'The Constitutional Challenges of Migration Processes'. Find the Programme and Call for Papers at the link below.

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