Editorial - ‘Indian Young Scholars’ Mini-Symposium


Erika Arban and Tom Gerald Daly


To conclude the IACL ‘Symposium Season’ celebrating the one-year anniversary of the re-launch of the new-look blog – and before the 6-week hiatus starting on 1 August – we have put together a ‘Indian Young Scholars’ Mini-Symposium featuring four contributions from emerging Indian students of constitutional law, writing on issues focusing on India and more generally on the Global South. This well fits into the global strategy of the IACL Blog to provide emerging voices in the field with a friendly and inclusive platform to share and exchange ideas and constitutional developments.

We hope you enjoy this Mini-Symposium

Erika Arban and Tom Gerald Daly

Publication schedule

Monday 22 July

John SIMTE – ‘The Continuity of Insecurity from the Colonial to the Post-Colonial State: the Law of Sedition in India and its Dissenting Peoples’

Wednesday 24 July

Karan GUPTA – ‘Kenya and LGBT Rights – EG v the Hon. Attorney-General’

Friday 26 July

Anant SANGAL – ‘A Cloud Without a Silver Lining: India’s Justice Khanna, his Resignation, and a Constitution in Crisis’

Anupriya DHONCHACK – ‘Utilising Competition Regulation to Realise Constitutional Values’