Dr Erika Arban and Dr Tom Gerald Daly were appointed as Co-Editors of the Blog in March 2018, charged with reviewing and transforming the Blog and developing a comprehensive publication strategy. Watch our Video Editorial and read our new Mission Statement for a sense of how we have redeveloped the Blog, and our plans for the future. In developing the Blog we welcome feedback from all Blog users: you can send us feedback and suggestions by filling out the form in the Contact Us section. 


Dr Erika Arban

Erika is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Her research focuses on comparative federalism, comparative constitutional law and legal research methodology. Before joining the project, she lectured in Comparative Federalism at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and in Public Law at the University of Ottawa (Canada). Erika received her PhD at the University of Ottawa (Canada), where her doctoral thesis Italian Regionalism and the Federal Challenge was awarded the Governor General Gold Medal for the best thesis in the Humanities. She also holds a LLM from the University of Arizona (USA) and a Bachelor in Law from the University of Trieste (Italy).


Dr Tom Gerald Daly

Tom is Director of Democratic Decay & Renewal (DEM-DEC), Associate Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, MLS Fellow at Melbourne Law School, and Co-Convenor of the Constitution Transformation Network (MLS). He has previously clerked for the Chief Justice of Ireland (6 years) and has worked at the Judicial Studies Institute and the Global Justice Academy at Edinburgh University. As a consultant on public law, human rights, and democracy-building he has worked on Council of Europe, EU, African Union and International IDEA projects, most recently managing a major €3m Council of Europe project on strengthening judicial ethics in Turkey and designing an African Judicial Network for the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights. Recent publications include a monograph, The Alchemists: Questioning Our Faith in Courts as Democracy-Builders (Cambridge University Press, 2017). His current research project concerns the role of public law in countering 'democratic decay' worldwide. He has written on democratic decay as a columnist for the I-CONnect blog and tweets @DemocracyTalk.


The Co-Editors are ably assisted by an Associate Editor, who performs initial review of submissions, copy editing, and who has day-to-day responsibility for the technical tasks (i.e. posting blogs, correcting errors etc). The Associate Editor is also crucial in the formation of ideas and plans for posts on the Blog.

The current Associate Editor is Toerien van Wyk.


Toerien van Wyk

Toerien is a PhD candidate in the ARC Laureate Program in Comparative Constitutional Law at Melbourne Law School. Her interests are in comparative constitutional law, fundamental rights and access to information. Before joining the Laureate Program, Toerien was a Co-Director of the South African History Archive, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting struggles for justice using access to information laws and archival practice. She has also previously been employed as a legal consultant, a human rights researcher, and a law lecturer. Toerien holds an LLM in Fundamental Rights and a Higher Diploma in International Taxation, both from the University of Johannesburg, as well as a Baccalaureus Legum degree (LLB) from the University of South Africa.