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Setting up New IACL Research Groups

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The IACL is calling all those interested in establishing new IACL Research Groups to submit proposals. Research groups are an integral part of the IACL community - see the details by clicking below.

New Post: Against 'Unaccountable' Juristocracy in India

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In a provocative post, Satya Prasoon (Centre for Law and Policy Research in Bengaluru, India), argues against the "curiously dangerous" nature of the Indian Supreme Court's discretionary and unprincipled adjudication.

Launching the DEM-DEC Resource

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In a new post, IACL-AIDC Blog Co-Editor Tom Daly announces the launch of a major new resource for research on democratic decay. The DEM-DEC Resource is now live at www.democratic-decay.org.

Cross-Post: Populist Party Behaviour in the Dutch Parliament 


This piece, cross-posted from the EUROPP Blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science, summarises the findings of a recent Dutch study of how populist parties behave in the national parliament. 

New Post: South Korea Symposium


In the last of our posts in the Blog Symposium 'South Korea at a Crossroads', Cheryl Saunders provides an insightful comparative take on the recent attempts to amend the South Korean Constitution.

Call for Papers: Young Scholars Forum, MICCL

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Apply by 1 September 2018 to attend the Young Scholars Forum at the Melbourne Institute of Comparative Constitutional Law on 27-29 November 2018. An opportunity not to be missed!

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