Open Access Journal: Perspectives on Federalism

Perspectives on Federalism is an Open Access peer-reviewed journal, published by De Gruyter and promoted by the Centre for Studies on Federalism. Perspectives on Federalism is a leading journal on the subject, and an open forum for interdisciplinary debate about federalism at all levels of government: sub-national, national, and supra-national at both regional and global levels. 

Perspectives on Federalism is divided into three sections. Along with essays and review articles, which are common to all academic journal, it also publishes very short notes to provide information and updated comments about political, economic and legal issues in federal states, regional organizations, and international organizations at global level, whenever they are relevant to scholars of federalism.

Perspectives on Federalism publishes original contributions from different disciplinary viewpoints as the subject of federalism requires. Papers submitted undergo a process of double blind review before eventually being accepted for publication.

This editorial project has been made possible by a motivated international and interdisciplinary team of young scholars who constitute the editorial board. We count on the support of a scientific committee which lists colleagues with an established international reputation.  
Both the editorial board and the scientific committee are open to further contributions from scholars interested in this project. Please contact us for any further information about forms of support, and cooperation with Perspectives on Federalism.

In the last few months, two special issues which might be of interest to the readers of the IACL Blog have been published: “The Constitution of Canada: History, Evolution, Influence and Reform” (edited by Giuseppe Martinico, Richard Albert, Antonia Baraggia and Cristina Fasone) and “The Federal Experience of the European Union” (edited by Francisco Pereira Coutinho and Martinho Lucas Pires). Another special issue edited by Anna Gamper is currently underway: “Representing Regions, Challenging Bicameralism”.

Editors: Roberto Castaldi and Giuseppe Martinico