Hart Publishing: Critical Reflections on Constitutional Democracy in the European Union


Critical Reflections on Constitutional Democracy in the EU

Sacha Garben, Inge Govaere & Paul Nemitz (eds)

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This book takes a wide-ranging approach to tackle the complex question of the current state of constitutional democracy in the EU. It brings together a broad set of academics and practitioners with legal and political perspectives to focus on both topical and perennial issues concerning constitutional democracy (including safeguarding the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights) in theory and practice, primarily at EU level but also with due regard to national and global developments. This approach underlines that rather than a single problématique to be analysed and resolved, we are presently facing a kaleidoscopic spectrum of related challenges that influence each other in elusive, multifaceted ways. Critical Reflections on Constitutional Democracy in the European Union offers a rich analysis of the issues as well as concrete policy recommendations, which will appeal to scholars and practitioners, students and interested citizens alike. It provides a meaningful contribution to the array of existing scholarship and debate by proposing original elements of analysis, challenging often-made assumptions, destabilising settled understandings and proposing fundamental reforms. Overall, the collection injects a set of fresh critical perspectives on this fundamental issue that is as contemporary as it is eternal.

Sacha Garben is Professor of EU Law at the College of Europe.

Inge Govaere is Professor of European Law, Jean Monnet Chair in EU Legal Studies at Ghent University and Director, Ghent European Law Institute (GELI) as well as Director of the European Legal Studies Department at the College of Europe.

Paul Nemitz is Principal Adviser at the European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers. He teaches EU Law as a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.

Oct 2019 | 9781509933259 | 448pp | Hardback | RSP: £85