Japanese Association of Constitutional Law

An important aspect of the International Association of Constitutional Law’s role is to be an ‘association of associations’, working with national bodies to develop a network of constitutionalists from countries throughout the world and providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about constitutional systems.

In the second in a series of profiles of national associations affiliated to the IACL, this blog post (by Miyoko Tsujimura, Professor at Meiji University Law School, Tokyo) outlines the work of the Japan Association of Constitutional Law. The purpose of the profiles is to raise awareness of the work of national associations, to share innovations and help build contacts.

Historical Introduction: The Japan Association of Constitutional Law (JACL) was originally established in 1983, by Professor Yoichi Higuchi, Honorary President of IACL, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo and Tohoku University, and colleagues. The JACL organized the IACL World Congress 1995 in Tokyo and the Asian Symposium of the Constitutional Law 1989 in Yokohama. In November 2007, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Constitution of Japan, the JACL held a round table on “writing and reading constitutions” in Yokohama. There have been many conferences with the cooperation of several associations of constitutional law.

In 2014, it reconstructed the administrative committee with the president Y. Higuchi, vice-president Miyoko Tsujimura & Yasuo Hasebe (current and former members of the IACL Executive Committee), Secretary general Hiroshi Nishihara and Akiko Ejima, Hajime Yamamoto.

Mission statement: It aims at encouraging and promoting the advancement of knowledge relating to Japanese constitutional law (established in 1946) and the study of constitutional theories.

Recent Events:

Japanese universities or professors frequently invite many famous scholars working globally to organize the symposiums.

On the 25 October 2014, the JACL co-organized the conference by French Professor Olivier Beaud, Professor of Constitutional law at University Paris II, and celebrated Professor Higuchi on his 80th birthday.

In 2015, Keio University invited French Professor Michel Troper, professor emeritus of Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy, Moral and Politics at the University of Paris X, Nanterre , and organized the Special Seminar “Une théorie réaliste de l’interprétation du droit”, on 10 March, with Professor Y. Higuchi as a discussant (pictured below).

Y. Higuchi, M. Troper, M. Tsujimura and participants

Blog: The IACL blog has archived the past blog of Professor Yasuo Hasebe, “Cases of the Supreme Court of Japan”, which was originally published on the main IACL website on 24 December 2013. Further blog posts addressing developments in Japanese constitutional Law (including the political movement of Constitutional revision ) are planned.