In Memoriam: The International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) Remembers Professor Lidija R. Basta Fleiner

* Editors’ Note: This message was produced while the IACL-AIDC Blog was on hiatus from late July to late September. It is being published now that our hiatus is over.


In Memoriam

Lidija Basta Fleiner

It is with sadness that the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) has learned of the passing of Professor Lidija R. Basta Fleiner.

Lidija was a former Secretary-General of the IACL and wife of a former President, Thomas Fleiner. She had a highly distinguished and varied career in the field of comparative constitutional law, and legal, state and political theory, working primarily on human rights and constitutionalism in general, as well as the theory and institutions of federalism and minority protection in particular. She also conducted research on the constitutional aspects of transition and conflict transformation in Central and Eastern Europe.

She published a range of leading works in the field, in both English and Serbian, including Politics under Law (1984); Yugoslav Minorities in Neighbouring Countries and their Rights (co-author, 1992); Constitutional Prerequisites for a Democratic Serbia (co-author, 1997); Federalism and Decentralisation in Africa: The Multicultural Challenge (co-editor, 1999); the best-selling Constitutional Government and Democracy in a Multicultural and Globalized World (co-authored with Thomas Fleiner, 2009); and Minority Rights in China (co-edited and co-authored with Li Lin and Li Xixia, 2012). She also taught widely, in English and German, at Fribourg Law Faculty and on a broad range of courses from the International Summer University of the Institute of Federalism to a PhD course (co-taught with Thomas Fleiner) for the Institutes of Peace and Security, Human Rights and Federalism in Addis Ababa.

As Secretary-General of the IACL, she provided sterling support to the Association and made a highly valued contribution to our work. Lidija also served in a range of other roles during her career, including as Head of the Expert Group to draft a new Constitution for Serbia and the constitutional foundations for the common state of Montenegro and Serbia (2000-2001); Member of the PhD Board of the University of Siena; and President of the Scientific Board of the Tsatsos Foundation Greece.

She represented the best qualities and aspirations of the IACL in her openness, inclusive comparative approach, and dedication to serving and fostering a worldwide community of scholars devoted to the study and practice of constitutions and constitutionalism in its global diversity. Her recognition as the first life-member of the IACL in 2007 was a tribute to her decades of valuable service and commitment to our association and community.

Signed by:

Adrienne Stone, President, on behalf of the

International Association of Constitutional Law.