IACL World Congress: Workshop 25

This week, the blog is featuring 8 additional workshops suggested by delegates for the 10th IACL World Congress 2018 on “VIOLENT CONFLICTS, PEACE-BUILDING AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW”,  being held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 18-22 June 2018. Full details are on the congress website, in English and French, along with information on how to submit a paper. Papers may be in either French or English. Please circulate to colleagues interested in the subject.  

WORKSHOP #25 Transnational Criminality: Boundaries and Constitutional Challenges on Criminal Justice and Procedures


  • Mo Jihong: mohj@cass.org.cn
  • Adriano Pedra: adrianopedra@fdv.br
  • Cassius Guimaraes Chai: chai@mpma.mp.br

The main purpose of this workshop is to discuss and present new perspectives on and for the Criminal Justice on Transnational Criminality context, approaching and framing the counterfactuality in between constitutional boundaries and challenges and the international jus cogens and human rights perspective. Considered this scenario we would like to discuss the organized crime acting and reaction, once organized crime attacks the very fundamental values that we are trying to protect and on which we base our perception of structures, norms and standards. It also exploits lacunae and gaps that exist in legal systems and in legal thinking, mainly in the international instruments of procedures cooperation. We cannot ignore that, in order to achieve their goals and protect their interests, transnational criminal organizations are willing to use violence, bribery, and other such instruments to carry out their business activities. And, of course, a main characteristic of these groups is that their criminal practices are not limited to national boundaries